Kellogg Foundation supports Thriving Families

The W. K. Kellogg Foundation has made a major, two-year commitment to CAASNM to launch its “Thriving Families” initiative. CAASNM conceived of this historic, Agency-wide initiative to unite all of its whole-family wellness programs using an intensive, case management approach. The Kellogg-funded program is directed by Melissa Ontiveros, MPA, and will also involve CAASNM team members Isabel Dominguez, Llajaira Jimenez and Elda Cordero. Said Dawn Hommer, CAASNM Chief Executive Officer, “We are forward looking as an entire Agency in our implementation of Thriving Families. Now all CAASNM programs are seamlessly coordinated and speak to the high need of families in CAASNM’s service area.”