Family Wellness

CAASNM Family Wellness programs work with families, home childcare providers and licensed childcare centers to improve access to healthy, nutritious meals for children and train providers on topics of nutrition, exercise, safety, and child development. The Child and Adult Food Care Program (CACFP) is a federally funded, State of New Mexico administered program that provides reimbursement services for nourishing food for individuals who operate daycare services in their homes for children and adults with disabilities. The Healthy Kids Healthy Preschool initiative is a statewide partnership to train licensed childcare centers and give them an action plan to promote healthy eating, physical activity, reduced screen time and breastfeeding resources.

The latest initiative under the Family Wellness banner is now the Thriving Kids Home Visiting program. This effort will provide critical life skills partnering for families of children ages 0-3 living in the rural area of Gadsden, NM, and it has now been funded through a major grant over four years from the State of New Mexico Children, Youth, and Families Department. Adopting a nationally recognized and evidence-based early childhood education model, Parents as Teachers, it brings CAASNM mentors into the home setting to assess, educate, and support young families.