Housing Stability

Program Description

CAASNM’s Housing Stability Program is supported by a major grant through the U.S. Department of the Treasury. It falls under Thriving Families, where CAASNM’s trained community navigators aid in eviction prevention, mediation between landlords and tenants, and access to New Mexico ERA (Emergency Rental Assistance) program, and many other case managed tools related to keeping families in their homes:

  • help navigate community resources and match them to client needs
  • Identify emergency assistance programs to assist with housing expenses
  • assess family eligibility for benefit programs (such as SNAP, TANF, Medicaid) which may boost family resources
  • refer clients to local agencies making “warm hand-offs” for follow up
  • contact housing agencies on behalf of client families – help clients navigate
  • complete applications with clients to housing services and programs
  • review status of housing applications with clients
  • Intervenes when client families are receiving ineffective customer service
  • contact ERA and MFA staff to help resolve pending cases
  • provide employment counseling with the aim of securing living wage jobs; enhance financial literacy

Eligibility Requirements

Families with any of the housing crisis housing needs described previously.

Areas Served:

      • Otero County
      • Grant
      • Sierra
      • Hidalgo
      • Luna