Programa de Cuenta de Ahorros para Niños (CSA, Sigla en inglés)

Descripción del programa

A través de una asociación con First American Bank, ofrece CSA para ayudar a los niños y sus familias con medios modestos a comenzar a desarrollar hábitos de ahorro a una edad temprana.

Requisitos de elegibilidad

1) Edad 0-12
2) Pautas de ingresos de CSBG. (Ver anexo A. Directrices de ingresos de CSBG)
3) Tanto el padre como el niño deben asistir a un taller de educación financiera de 4 horas

Documentación requerida
1) Prueba de identificación : identificación con foto emitida por el gobierno (para el tutor y el niño)
2) Tarjeta(s) de seguro social para todos en el hogar
3) Comprobante de domicilio (contrato de arrendamiento, recibo de alquiler pagado o hipoteca, etc.)
4) Comprobante de ingresos para todos en el hogar durante los últimos 30 días (talones de cheque semanal o quincenal)
5) Otorgar cartas o impresiones si recibieron: beneficios del Seguro Social y / o discapacidad, pensión del VA, TANF, Manutención de los Hijos, Compensación del Trabajador o desempleo
6) Hoja de trabajo de información al cliente de First American Bank

Áreas atendidas

        • Condado de Doña Ana

Jessica came to the first day of Kids Can Business Builders determined to do it alone. Our instructors could see no smile or willingness to join a group. As a group we shared what our hobbies are and what we do when we get home. Jessica loves to play video games all by herself after-school. Her favorite video game has a Llama character and is very popular with her peers. She felt like products with a llama would sell well at a Kids Can pop-up market. Then another young lady talked about how much she likes pink flamingos. They grouped their ideas together and created hand-woven “Flamas” and the “Flamaverse” (flamingos and llama together).  A new friendship formed and Jessica’s perspective of group work has changed. She is happier and more willing to contribute her ideas in class discussion on business topics and we can see these two girls talking and laughing, eating after-school snack together.

Jessica's Story

A single mother of 3-year-old twins became a client of Thriving Families in 2019, referred by her physician. She was triaged to several community programs, including Aprendamos Early Intervention and HeadStart. She participated in an IDA program at CAASNM to save for education and which also improved her credit score. Her family became COVID-affected and was provided emergency assistance for utilities when she fell behind. Thriving Families continued its whole family approach to assist Bernice manage her family and also achieve her educational goals; she graduated with a degree in physiology from NMSU and will continue to her Master’s Degree.

Bernice’s Story

Annie is a participant in CAASNM’s Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) from Truth or Consequences.  She is a grandmother helping raise grandchildren and she also cares for her sick mother. Annie is very thankful for this program because it allows her to care for her mom and grandchildren. She has three grandchildren who live with her and she takes care of four grandchildren that don’t. The program reimburses her for nutritious food for all seven children in addition to her disabled mom.

Annie is a very special lady and has gone through a lot. She has been doing childcare for a long time. She cared for her sick father and then her husband before they passed away and now she is caring for her mom. She took a part time job at night with Walmart in-order to buy Christmas presents for of all her grandchildren, her brother and 18 year old grandson who stays to look after the children and Annie’s mom while she is working. She is a true success because she perseveres with all of her hardships, but with a little help from CAASNM.

Annie’s Story, Nutritious food for the family

Muhammad came from Pakistan and found the culture challenging as well as financially, caring for older parents and raising his children. CAASNM’s family financial empowerment program helped him save for college with an IDA and also learn about finances and saving so he could buy a home and pay for his board exams. He is now a 4th year medical student with one semester left. “CAASNM staff were very helpful and like family to me. They helped me get through their program very easily.”

Muhammad's Story

Arabella developed “Shrinky Chains” as her business building project with Kids Can Youth Entrepreneur program, starting in 6th grade. She was recently a community spotlight on local radio stations. She makes keychains and wine glass charms, from symbols of the Southwest to sports teams. She learned marketing and public speaking, as well as marketing, financial management, and logistics.

Her experiences with Kids Can have also given her confidence and independence, which she says have made her more ready to succeed in college.

Arabella's story